Hey you MonsteRiser,

Let me be frank with you. I’m no Psychologist or Life Coach. I’m just a girl from around the way who learned a thing or three.

Like anybody, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. At times, I was a hot pancake mess! Until a wisdom teacher once said to me: Life is happening for you; not to you!

I wanted to dig a hole in somebody’s backyard and stick my head in it!

You like stories? … I’ll take your pause as a  yes. Well, I like telling stories so let me tell you one.
I couldn’t see past my knees let alone how life was happening for me. But I soon came to understand that until I surrendered, I was going to continue wallowing in my mess.

I have a friend, let’s call her Selena for the sake of anonymity. Selena and I have been besties for a very long time, too long to count the years. Many moons ago I noticed that as I began to grow and evolve, Selena wanted to stay stuck with her glass three-quarters empty mentality. I was beginning to feel as if I was being held back, in many ways controlled.  She managed to squeeze the joy right out of me. One morning, I had a heart to heart with Selena. I told her that I needed her to be responsible for the energy she brought to me. Well, you would have thought I asked Selena to sell her first born. She lashed out at me, filling my head up with all kinds of nonsense. The more I tried to get her to honor my wishes, the more she attacked. I was reminded of something else a Wisdom Teacher told me: the only one you have control over is yourself. While I couldn’t control Selena, I could control who and what I invited into my life.

Now, before we go any further. There’s something I need to tell you… Selena’s real name is Fear.

And after I finally had the courage to pull my head out of the dirt, I decided that either I could continue to be Fear’s fool or I could embrace her. You know the saying: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Let’s see: fool or friend . . . fool or friend . . .

I ain’t nobody’s fool . . . so I chose friend!

I know it sounds preposterous. Why would anyone want to make Fear their friend?

Because we’ve got it all wrong! Fear can be a very positive force. And, if you truly want to be happy, do what you were called to do, or do what matters most to you, you get to choose to change your perspective. So I crafted . . .

33 reasons why you should make Fear your friend. Let’s countdown together.

Fear can:

33. Move you to action

32. Force you to take risks

31. Inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone

30. Empower you to do something you’ve never done before

29. Help you grow

28. Unleash a creative idea

27. Make you keep it real

26. Coerce you to embrace change

25. Get you to live uninhibitedly

24. Boost your self confidence

23. Inspire you to Dare Greatly

22. Influence you to surrender

21. Spur you to take a leap of faith

20. Make you confront your insecurities

19. Give you courage

18. Awaken you

17. Persuade you to take the first step

16. Rouse your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth

15. Nudge you to live in the moment

14. Usher you into greatness

13. Guide you through obstacles

12. Remind you of what you were born to do but don’t have the heart to do it

11. Make you resilient

10. Motivate you to leave that mind-numbing job

9. Tell you what you have to do

8. Terrify you but stretch you too

7. Test your limits

6. Enliven your spirit

5. Excite you

4. Energize you

3. Encourage you to learn something new

2. Embolden you to be Fearless

And the number 1 reason why you should make Fear your friend?

Drum roll…….

Because if You don’t, Fear will haunt you for the rest of your life!

XO… Stay inspired!

Monster Moment
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“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie

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