Hey you MonsteRiser,

I’d made a commitment to use this platform as a way to inspire and empower without being preachy, pessimistic or pesky. I’d also promised myself that I would keep it real.

So here’s to keeping it real.

In the words of my southern mama . . . the world done gon’ crazy!!!

I knew it when I was walking down the street one windy afternoon in New York City and I felt like I was trapped inside one of those strange sci-fi Twilight Zone episodes—everything and everybody just looked crazy—Crazy people; Crazy thoughts; Crazy things; Crazy day. . . Just Crazy!

Even the alley cats looked crazy to me!

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a bad dream and you woke up and thought: What on God’s earth is going on? Have we ALL gone mad?

It’s debatable. I know. But the way I see it: The world has metamorphosized into one big glob of mayhem, madness, and misdeeds!

I’d never thought I’d see in my lifetime, just within the last two decades alone: planes used as bombs to crumble buildings; two global recessions; the meltdown and collapse of our financial and housing markets; countless wars; social and digital media replacing human connection; airlines charging passengers to bring their luggage onboard as if to say… if you want to brush your teeth, then pay us; eating healthy and buying organic could cost your whole paycheck; the U.S. auto industry virtually vanished; the planet turned into our dumping ground; tsunami’s swallowing the earth; and we allow anybody to steal, I mean be voted into the highest, most powerful office in the world!

And here’s the grim truth . . .

We all got a little Crazy. We may not admit it, try to hide it or just plain deny it. But I’m convinced that everyone has gone a little looney.

Don’t hate . . . I’m just the messenger. But let me also say I realize there are two kinds of Crazy.

Good Crazy and bad Crazy. What the difference? Let’s do the math:

Good Crazy: Take risks; defies social norms; is eccentric, spontaneous, interesting; fun loving, silly, weird in a good way; soaks up life; is creative, unique and unusual.

Bad Crazy: Destructive, evil, malicious; hateful, menacing; risqué; insane; bizarre, self-serving; vindictive; nuts.

Bottomline: If you like to eat weird food: good Crazy
If you like to be weird and eat people: bad Crazy

Honestly, I think we all can use a little good Crazy. I know I’ve had my dose of it. Especially when I decided to walk away from a prosperous and promising corporate career to write my first book and start a nonprofit. Even to this day, my daughter still sometimes look at me as though I decided to eat people.

But isn’t it during our most whacky, off the cuff moments—whether we stand in front of a crowded  room filled with inebriated people and belt out a Karaoke tune; or we get up the nerve to walk away from a good paying job to write that book, or we just flat out say no to living a mediocre, purposeless life—that we choose to tap into our vulnerable, fearless self?

I hate to break it to you. Oftentimes, we rather stay stuck in mediocrity for fear we’ll get labeled crazy.

In fact, we’re more concerned about the label than our liberty. The liberty that says it’s okay to defy the norm, take risks, make mistakes, step outside our comfort zone.

I once had a friend, someone I trusted deeply, say to me: Girl, you’re crazy to walk away from that good paying job.

I went home that evening and thought really long and hard about my Crazy. But I also knew that if I didn’t walk away, I would surely end up in an asylum just as sure as my skin is almond brown, I wear glasses and I’m addicted to chocolate.

One thing I know for sure: there are things I can’t change about myself (minus my chocolate addiction) and being a little good Crazy, is one of them.

XO… Stay inspired!

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