You’re tuning into The Monster Theory Podcast, Episode #3.

Today’s guest is a woman who is not only one of my BFFs, but quite frankly, whom I often turn to for encouragement and inspiration because she is a fierce wisdom teacher, life coach, entrepreneur, mother and friend!! She has been there for me during some of my darkest moments and monsters… giving me hope!

When I tell you she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, know that she walks the talk. Anything that she imparts… she practices. She is a wealth of knowledge, positivity, inspiration and just a good ole’ soul.

She wears so many hats—all of them she fills with grace—a nurse, an entrepreneur and founder of Plush Skin where are products have been sold in major establishments like Whole Foods and the mastermind behind the pioneering Rise 360—a life coaching business teaching people how to turn their pain into power and purpose !!

Need I say more? I’m so excited to share my BFF, Erica Marie Wigley, with you today! You don’t want to miss this one!!

Tune in to the episode below:

Episode Takeaways:

  • Who is Erica Marie Wigley? Erica is a spiritual visionary, public speaker, and author. Her journey has taken her from a devastating divorce and custody battle to finding her voice and embracing courage to step outside of the confines of what was, to become the woman she is today. As founder of Rise 360 Coaching– personal and professional development company she ignites and transforms lives, businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives to expand their current capabilities using the 4 Key Pillars of Success.
  • RISE 360 is built on four key pillars of success: R for Responsibility: taking ownership and responsibility of whatever you need to in order to become who you want to be; I for Intention: what intention are you putting out into the world?; S for Showing Up: once you’ve done the work and are ready to take action, then you are ready to Show Up; E for Execution and Elevation: how are you going to Execute your actions and Elevate your life to the next level?
  • How does one get the courage to know they need to be remade? When you get to the point of life where you’re tired of being tired…tired of the same ole stories, tears, everyday monotony, etc…you will get to a place where you completely surrender. You will know when you hit that point, and then it is in your hands to turn it around.
  • Erica says, “Life doesn’t happen to you, life happens for you.” Meaning when you hit that point when you’re tired and ready to remake your life, YOU have the power to make life happen. You don’t have to sit around and wait to see what life throws at you, go out and make it happen FOR you!
  • How do you remake your life while still confronting your monsters? You must be willing to confront who you are now and not hide it. When you get to the place where you have nothing to hide…nothing to defend…nothing to protect…when you get to that place, you can enter “true freedom” and confront every single thing that does not align with who you really are and who you want to be.

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