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I am beyond excited to introduce to you my next guest, Christa Davis. Christa is a career, leadership and personal development life coach that teaches “ambitious and mission-driven” women how to transform their career and personal development from the inside out to create a meaningful life they love!

Coach Christa, as I like to call her, believes that “we must learn how to shift our mindset, perspective AND lead ourselves in order to achieve the impact we desire in our lives!”…which we will talk more about in today’s episode.

Tune in to the episode below:

Episode Takeaways:

  • Who is Christa Davis? Christa is a certified professional coach and speaker, and is the founder of Christa Davis Coaching. She teaches women how to breakthrough uncertainty, self-doubt, and feeling out of control to confidently create their next steps and up-level their life with the freedom, clarity, and fulfillment they need to fully thrive. Christa has coached women across the country from executives to aspiring entrepreneurs to high-performing professionals, helping them leave unfulfilling jobs, beat burnout, and overcome setbacks to claim their power and take control of leading purposeful lives they love. In addition to coaching, Christa is the founder of DC Emerging Women Leaders, where she facilitates coaching events and workshops for women to invest in their self-development alongside their peers. To learn more, please visit
  • Happiness is undoubtedly internal, but always remain aware of your external world and how external factors are affecting your happiness. Knowing who you are and what makes you happy will lead you to your internal happiness; but external sources like holding on to a toxic relationship or a career that doesn’t align with who you are can have devastating affects on your happiness.
  • Why is It that we often feel like we’re not enough? It’s normal to feel that way from time to time! But the trick is realizing that’s not the truth and allowing yourself to come out of it. These feelings are typically brought on by something in our past, but they can also be brought on by society or even by critical people in our lives. Try identifying where your “not-enough-ness” is coming from and know that (despite how you may momentarily feel), being not enough is not your truth.
  • How does Fear show up in our lives and monopolize who we are? Fear is a totally natural part of being human, but when Fear starts to run the show (aka our lives), our true selves take the backseat. The first indicator of Fear taking over is when fear-based actions become a part of your routine. Avoidance and rationalizing are two of the most common fear-based actions you begin to experience living with Fear. When you find yourself engaging in fear-based actions…take those feelings of unhappiness or not-enough-ness to mean that you are excited and passionate about whatever it is that scares you and use that passion to then conquer and confront your Fear.
  • What are some ways that women can get in front of Fear so that we don’t give up on our dreams? Christa says “Get real with yourself. We’re the ones who are solely responsible for our happiness, so we have to get real with why we’re behaving the way we do & get real about where is there Fear in my life? Secondly, we must not judge ourselves so harshly! Embrace your Fear…your Doubt…your Worry because you’re still enough – no matter what you’re going through right now. And ultimately ask yourself, ‘Who are you living your life for?’”

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