You’re tuning into The Monster Theory Podcast, Episode #7.

My guest today is going to make you tear up and tug at your heart because her story is one of heartbreak and breakthrough… essentially it’s about the power of the human spirit and resilience. When you are faced with news that can shatter your world, it is in those moments that you get still and get in alignment with God, the universe, and your higher power!!

Her story is going to make you reflect on your own life, your own sense of self, your own higher power and the will of your own spirit! You know this podcast is about facing our greatest fears, our monsters. And I’ll be the first to tell you that sometimes it’s very, very hard to do!

But when you hear stories like the one you’re about to hear from Rosanne Pappas, know that she’s going to raise your level of stamina and belief that no matter what you’re going through, you can overcome it. Rosanne is a mother, an artist, a writer and an international speaker whose story is not only going to move you, but her honesty and vulnerability is going to captivate you and inspire you to take a closer look at your own journey and story.

And let me say this… I’m purposely not telling you much about her story in this introduction because I can’t do it justice… I want you to hear first hand from her… So without further ado, let’s meet the Amazing and Transformative Rosanne Pappas!

Tune in to the episode below:

Episode Takeaways:

  • Who is Rosanne Pappas? Rosanne Pappas graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a B.A. in Mass Communications. She has been in the management and marketing industry for over 25 years and is an experienced speaker & writer on the subject of inter-personal relationships within the family and in the workplace. Rosanne has four children and has been married for over 34 years. She shares her story of personal suffering that led her to a series of conversions and blessings. Rosanne is also an artist who desires to express the intrinsic beauty of each person. 
  • Suffering can affect multiple aspects of your life (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and have rippling effects that last through time – but remember that Love has the same power and it works in the same way!  
  • How do you find the courage to get up & “put on your makeup” when you’re stuck deep in Suffering? This is what I’ve learned to do: (#1) just be in my Suffering! Reflect on it, vent about it, deal with it, whatever works for you is what you do; (#2) Remind myself that I am good and I was made for a purpose in the God’s vision; (#3) I face my monsters to grapple with my pain; and finally, (#4) I accept it and then leave it to God – I surrender my focus from myself, my own Worry and Suffering  and instead leave it to Him.
  • What are some things you tell people when they want to know how to surrender and let go? Well for me,I was just so tired. Tired of trying to orchestrate a puppet show and tired of trying to control the people around me and tired of the life I was living that I eventually hit a brick wall – then when I had nothing left in me, I just surrendered to God and gained total freedom. And in that freedom, I gained a much better sense of myself and I learned to just be and to let go.

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