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You know, I’ve always been extraordinarily honest about my life. It’s something that I’ve shared frequently in many venues – whether it’s on TV, radio, podcasts, social media – I mean I just open up because here’s the thing:

I believe that when you tell your own story…when you are willing to be open and honest and vulnerable and not give a hoot about what people think…then you own and earn the power to tell that story and more importantly, you de-power other people from telling the story that they want to tell about you.

And so, I have to tell you that this interview I recently did on a podcast called True Conversations is one of the first times that I really, really share the story behind the story. My journey about my life’s mission, both in my work with Saving Promise – the nonprofit I founded that’s inspired by five generations of domestic violence in my family including my daughter’s little girl named Promise – and the story that ultimately inspired The Monster Theory which I believe is my life’s mission as well: to empower and inspire women to find their voice, their vision, their passion, purpose and ultimately, their power.

You know, I didn’t even really prepare a script for this introduction nor did I prepare a script for the interview because I wanted to be real…I wanted to be open…I wanted to be vulnerable…I wanted to be honest about everything. So I invite you to take a listen, take a lesson, and allow my story to empower and inspire you.

And even if you walk away from it and you’ve just enjoyed listening to it, it is always my intention to use my story, my voice, and my influence to serve other women. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Tune in to the episode below:

Episode Takeaways:

  • Who is Edna Howard? After serving in the Federal Government for 11 years, Edna earned her Associates in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. Edna brings 20+ years of IT experience and has worked at companies in multiple IT roles. In addition to her IT career her entrepreneurial spirit led her to pursue managing and operating her own successful business in the Health and Beauty Industry as a Sr. Sales Director, Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Trainer, she has a passion for empowering and motivating women to pursue their goals. Edna uses her ability to encourage and work collaboratively as a leader in her community as she serves through community outreach at the Emery Rucker Shelter consulting with women and conducting image makeover sessions, Relay for Life, Former Co-Leader of Girl Scout Troop #8, Former Chairperson and Chaplain of the Heritage Fellowship Church Women Ministry, Stephen Minister (Care Giver) and currently she is serving her church community as an Instructor in the Christian Education Ministry.
  • How did you escape your abusive relationship? There’s no formula for escaping abuse. Every person wanting to escape abuse needs to first have their “Enough Moment”. This could take days, weeks, months, or years and only YOU will know the exact moment when enough is enough. And when that time comes, know that saying Enough is the first step, and then living Enough becomes the second step.
  • L.Y. says, “Every moment in your life is a gift, a lesson, or a blessing. Sometimes we think what we need or what we want is what’s going to help us. But sometimes people give you a much better gift by NOT giving you what you think you need in that moment. It forces you to think bigger, be bolder, be courageous, step into who you are, and what God and the universe intended to you!”

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