Hey You MonsteRisers,

I have always furrowed my brow at the sheer thought of why anyone would walk onto a bridge, strap themselves up into a harness, step out onto a ledge, then… five, four, three, two, one – JUMP!

Who does that?

Now don’t get me wrong. A girl likes a little thrill every now and again. But there are many a thrills that I can think of than bungee jumping my ass off a bridge!

I get the same rush at the thought of standing in front of an audience to speak or walking away from a guaranteed paycheck to start a nonprofit and even writing this blog.

Let’s be real. Are we really thrill seekers or are we choosing to engage in extremities so we can feel alive or confront something deeper? Like . . .


The truth is we become paralyzed by Fear. Forcing our minds into overdrive thinking of all the reasons why an idea wouldn’t work, couldn’t work, or why it would flat out fail. Before long, Fear snatches you up so quickly you don’t even know what hit you.

When I decided to step out on faith, the thought of giving up the paycheck I knew would appear predictably twice a month in my bank account, literally made me hyperventilate. But what I know that was more powerful than Fear was the fact that I knew my life was meant for something more purposeful. I asked myself: Is this paycheck more important than living?  Yes, my predictable paychecks permitted me to pay my bills, buy anything my heart desired (well, almost anything) and feel safe. But . . .

Playing it safe is sooooo boring!

Now let’s not get it twisted. I know there are circumstances when choosing to be safe is the right call to make. But I’ve also seen people live so safe, they were confined to a cocoon of sorts and I wonder whether they are living at all.

Case and point: My parents worked hard all their lives so they could save enough money to buy their dream retirement home. A few months after they purchased their home, my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and died shortly after. Losing her not only broke my heart, but also solidified my resolve to never want to live safe again.

Fear became my friend!

I’m not talking about trivial Fear – like being afraid of heights or walking in the woods alone at night because I might get eaten by a bear… Hell, you won’t catch me walking in the woods at night, bear or not!

The Fear I’m talking about is the one that hangs out in your living room reminding you why you wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t do something. Look at her, standing there like she owns the place!

Fear is as real and as certain as life. It’s a natural part of being human. So what you had a little setback, maybe you even got knocked square on your butt! Trust me, I’ve been there. But are you really going to let Fear bully You?


Say it again… and this time put a little hell in your voice.

Hell NOOO!

Good! Now let’s kick Fear’s little behind out of your living room and gnaw on the following:

7 Reasons Why you should make Fear your friend in 2019.

Fear triggers you to take action.
gives you courage.
Fear propels you to new heights
makes you resilient.
gives you power.
Fear helps you grow.
Fear teaches you about yourself and shows you what you are really made of.

All this talk about Fear reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson that sits framed on my desk:

So when Fear freaks you out, you have two choices: You can go bungee jumping off a bridge, or you can make Fear your friend.

The harness is in your court.


XO… Stay inspired!


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