Hey there MonsteRisers,

When I think of Broke, the first thought that pops into my head is money. The stress that comes with it, the worry of not having enough, the ridiculous idea that all of life’s value is tied to a simple number…

But Broke isn’t always just about money. Broke can be emotional, spiritual, and even physical. She can make you feel stressed, hopeless…  like you just can’t give any more. Broke found a way to make me feel my absolute worst. She was able to cloud everything and anything that made me happy, blurring my focus and my purpose.

Broke was always in my ear, trying to tell me what I was worth. “What’s the point?” I’d hear her tell me. Broke just loved to push me when I was already down. She’d suck out all my energy and leave me with nothing left to give.

Not surprisingly, Broke was there when I had my heart broken. She swooped in, boasting, “Well, of course! What did you expect?!” Broke made me feel as if I deserved the bad things happening to me because, to her, I was worthless! Broke stayed with me, making me feel heavy, slow, empty.


It took me a while to get out of that funk, and I’m still not completely over it, and that’s perfectly okay. Because Broke drove me to check in on myself and ask: What am I doing? Why do I feel this way? Why was I letting Broke take over my life and tell me what I deserved?

I finally realized that nothing in this world should ever have the power to strip my worth. I know now that nobody determines my value except for ME. What I do and don’t deserve is also up to me.

I’m learning to push Broke away because I know that Broke is no friend to me. So now, when I feel her creeping up, I yell at her: What do you want? Leave me be!”

At the end of the day, nobody dictates my self-worth but me—not even Broke. And I’ve decided that I am valuable, that I am worth it!  And now I challenge Broke with confidence, assertiveness, and an unwavering sense of purpose. I know I’m facing an uphill struggle, but I also know I’m going to be just fine!


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