Hey MonsteRisers,

Let me get to the point and be really, really vulnerable and transparent with you!

Fear showed up when I sat down to write this blog because the title is something that I struggle with every single day!

I mean, I reeeaaallly struggle with this because I’m not entirely sure that I’ve figured out how to be happy AND embrace my passion at the same time.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true –  I do feel most alive, most at peace and most in my element when I am doing what I love!

But happiness and passion come with a price. At least that’s been my experience. 

And paying that price can sometimes mean making a sacrifice of your time, resources, or even your family and friends. Because when you truly follow your passion, you may have to give up some, if not all, of those things to do it.

More than that, most of us haven’t even figured out what our true passion is so, we spend a lot of time trying to discover it. Even for those of us that are lucky enough to have found our passion, it can often feel like we’re stuck swimming upstream, going against the current.

I like how ‘Facing Fear—The Courage to Swim Upstream’ defines it when the author describes the journey of wild salmon and how it reflects the path of living an authentic, passionate life:

The young salmon spend about a year in the stream. In the spring, thousands of salmon begin to migrate down the river to the ocean where they live the next couple of years making the salt water their habitat until they are mature and ready for the final and most difficult journey of their lives. The return to the river requires them to travel upstream reversing the swim they made years earlier to reach the sea. In the course of the journey, they eat nothing, using energy stored while they were in the ocean. Finally, those who survive against the dangers of grizzly bears, bald eagles and sports fishermen reach the river where they were born years earlier and lay their eggs. In many ways, the salmon and human journey are similar, requiring dedication, perseverance, reliance and a deep hunger to do what they were born to do at whatever cost, even death.

Bear hunts salmon swimming upstream

Photo by Rostislav Stach courtesy of Shutterstock.com

This is where I struggle with those two words: happiness and passion. Because swimming upstream is hard. Like “jumping waterfalls and lying exhausted on the edge of the bank.” But what’s even harder is not doing what I love; not living with passion.

I like the way R.L. Adams put it in his blog entitled 11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Passion In Life:

You see, without pain, there could be no pleasure. Without sadness, there could be no happiness. Without a loss of hope, there could be no thrill or expectation of good things to come. Without a sense of loss, there could be no commitment to follow your passion. There’s a delicate balance that exists, a push-and-pull if you will, which allows us to see the antithesis of anything that we’re experiencing.

Adams words inspired me to share my rendition of 11 Ways to Be Happy While Following Your Passion. Take it with a grain of salt because I pulled these from my own bag of arsenal of things that’s worked for me … sometimes 😊… and could also work for you:

11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Passion In Life:

There you have it Monsteriser! Now get to swimming and leap into your Happy and Passion like a wild salmon!!!


XO… Stay inspired!


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