Hey you MonsteRiser,

An infamous yōkai demon known as a kappa once sat on a big stone near a pond in Japan. Pretending to be a human child, it invited people to pull its finger as a game. But when they took his hand, the kappa pulled them under water and ate them. Many people died this way.

At last a young man decided to stop the kappa’s killing spree. He rode a strong horse to the pond. When the kappa grabbed his hand, he rode off, dragging the kappa behind him. The kappa begged for his freedom, offering to teach the man to heal broken bones if he let him go. The man agreed, and using the kappa’s secret, he became a famous surgeon.

This story adapted from a Japanese folktale that the American Museum of Natural History fondly titled ‘Taming Monsters’ is analogous to life monsters—Fear, Worry, Doubt, Regret—that get into our head and devour us. Similarly, so do the monsters described in a Psychology Today article entitled: The Monster That Make Us: Things That Go Bump in the Mind.

While folktale monsters may intrigue us, “the scarier monsters are the ones we should pay attention to,” Dr. Marsden and Dr. Nesbitt warn. “In fact, Sigmund Freud argued that the monsters in our dreams are created by our subconscious mind and reflect our current worries and fears—even those we fail to consciously acknowledge.”

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Think about it: When we allow Fear, Worry, Doubt, or any number of ‘monsters’ to take hold of our subconscious mind (that second hidden mind that exists within us), we allow our dreams and goals to be hijacked.

I know this first hand from experience. I’ve often allowed my monsters to ambush me.

Here’s how:  I’d set my intentions on something that I’m really psyched about. Whether it’s trying something that is waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone like learning to play the saxophone or starting a new business. I’d get all into it—preparing, pondering, planning—only to allow that little voice inside my head, my monsters, to take over—telling me all the reasons why it wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t work. Then it usually spirals downhill from there.

Well kinda.

You see, in time, I’ve learned how to arm myself with some ass-kicking monster arsenal—six things I do every day to ‘Rise Up’ and kick my monsters’ tail!

Let’s count down together:

6. Feed my mind, body, and spirit with good healthy thoughts, nutrition, and service to others.

5. Exercise—even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Every step counts!

4. Fuel up on anything that inspires me—a podcast, a good book, a TED talk.

3. Practice gratitude—even if it’s just to give thanks for waking up.

2. Meditate. In fact, I don’t even let my toes hit the floor when I wake up until I meditate.

And Drum Roll, please …

1. Pray!

This is what works for me. But you too can create your own Rise Up tools that will work for you including some that I plan to share from my own personal arsenal!

But first, you’ll need to confront your monsters! So I’d like to invite you to Take the FREE Monster Assessment. It only takes 5 minutes and I’ll also send you a special free gift for having the courage to take the first step to tame your monsters!

Let’s get to taming !!!


XO… Stay inspired!

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