The Monster Theory is based on a simple notion. We all struggle with Fear, Worry, Regret, Doubt or any number of monsters that prevents us from living our best lives.
It’s a hypothesis that says if you can overcome your deepest fears—those pesky beasts that keeps you stuck—then you can live a more passionate and purposeful life.

And that’s where the theory comes in!
An arsenal of monster ass kicking experiences, resources and tools to stop those pesky beasts dead in their tracks so you can take back your power!

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My Story

2010 was one of the most difficult times of my life!

I had just lost my mother, I was going through a divorce, and I had walked away from a lucrative 20+ year career to embrace my passion. But nothing was going right. I encountered so many obstacles and challenges. I was afraid of what people would think. I was afraid of change. I was afraid of failing. Every negative thing that could happen was happening to me.

I felt so discouraged, so alone.

Until one day, I broke down balling like a baby to my three-year-old granddaughter who listened patiently. Then with a natural sense of innocence and wisdom she said: Just don’t look at the monsters. It was her honest words that gave me the courage to confront my monsters!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Meet the monsters then take the assessment below so we can help you uncover and confront your monsters.

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We all have monsters.

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Regret, Grief and Grandmamma

LY Marlow Monsters - Regret I felt immense Regret and Grief when my grandmamma passed way. I was in town for the day, visiting my other grandmother and grandfather for Easter. Even though my grandmamma lived only 20 minutes away from my other grandparents’ house, I went home without calling or stopping by. She passed away in her sleep that evening. I could have spent the day with her, but instead, she spent it home alone. Forgiving myself for not calling or stopping by took some time. Regret reminded me about being so close and not even giving her a call to see how her holiday was going. Grandmamma lived alone for years in a little townhouse with images of bunnies and sunflowers embroidered onto every piece of furniture. She had a gentle southern accent and you could always find her holding a glass of sweet tea. She was a kind grandmother, and always had pictures of her grandkids on hand.  She knew I loved her and I know she loved me. Today, I cherish every relationship in my life. I don’t take anyone for granted and am thankful for every day I get to spend with my loved ones. It took me a while to push Regret  and Grief from my mind, but in their place stands love and appreciation.

– Samantha

Worry and Doubt Haunted Me!

LY Marlow Monsters - WorryI was packing up my car to head off to my first semester of college when Worry and Doubt showed up and reminded me about my decision to go to this school. I had chosen a college that not many people knew about, a small college in the middle of nowhere. I was the only one from my high school to go there and I was worried and began to doubt my decision to go to this school. The first semester went on and I still Worry and Doubt haunted me. However, instead of allowing Worry and Doubt to get the best of me, I decided to embrace this school. I became more active and met so many new friends. By the end of the first semester, Worry and Doubt no longer stalked me and I know I chose the right school. I overcame my monsters by continuously telling myself I chose this school for a reason. I opened myself up and realized I could defeat these monsters, and I did! I didn’t let them dictate my first year of college and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

– Jake

My Biggest Worry

LY Marlow Monsters - Worry Hi, my name is Alex. It’s always been hard for me to admit I have problems or I have monsters because of my pride. Worry has always been in my life, no matter how big or small. My biggest Worry now is making the right career choice. I am worried my parents won’t accept my decision and I will take a job I won’t truly enjoy just to please them. I want to go into commercial real estate asset management.

One other monster I have is being lonely. I always need to be surrounded by my friends or doing something with someone. When I have too much time on my hands, Doubt bombards me and every little decision I make. But taking the monster assessment helped me to identify these monsters and how to overcome them

– Alex

I learned to let go of Crazy.

LY Marlow Monsters - CrazyThis past fall, I made the decision to study abroad. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, but the only catch was that I had to give up my phone and internet access for 4 months. Immediately, I knew this would be hard for me. Being so disconnected from the outside world was definitely going to drum up Crazy. During the first week of traveling, not being able to text or check social media gave me a lot of anxiety and summoned Crazy— being away from technology and on my own was driving me insane. However, I realized that there were more important things than uploading pictures and constantly texting friends. I learned to let go of Crazy. All it took was a new perspective and a little time.

– Lauren

Worry and Angry

LY Marlow Monsters - AngryAfter taking the monster assessment, I discovered that my two biggest monsters are Worry and Angry. I feel like I always knew that these were my biggest monsters but I have never really been confronted with that reality until now. When I was younger and the other kids were on the discussion of superpowers they all imagined things like flying and having super powers, while I have always imagined my future. Not so that I could control it or use it to my advantage but simply to help me control Worry. I have worried about many things in my life but the one that is bothering me the most right now is starting my career. I have spent 16 years of my life in school working to get to where I am now and the fact that I only have a year left before I see if it was all worth it is terrifying.

The other monster that I struggle with is Angry. While Worry forces me to think about all the bad things that can happen, Angry makes me want to put my head through a wall because I saw it coming and just ignored it because Worry is so relentless that I tell myself that I can’t react to the small things. However, one tool I have used to help me battle Angry is the 24-hour-rule. I always wait 24 hours before reacting to something that gets me really angry because if 24 hours have passed and I am no longer Angry then it wasn’t that big a deal to begin with. Nonetheless, while I embrace these types of tools to help me, Worry is the monster I will have the hardest time overcoming, that’s for sure.

– Marwan

Every day I wake up with Fear

LY Marlow Monsters-FearThen there’s also Doubt because I compare my abilities to others. Fear and Doubt constantly reminds me that I am not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough. They stop me from reaching my true potential. So, every day I wake up, although I tell Fear and Doubt to leave me alone, they always come back. But, I will continue to confront my monsters.

– Rachel

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