Okay, Monsteriser, let’s cut to the chase . . .

Why is it okay to be a little Crazy?

Because whether you’re a misfit, rebel, weirdo, moonstruck, not all there, cuckoo, loony or unhinged; as long as all that Crazy is channeled to do good and do good well, then you’re not crazy, you’re just a square peg in a round hole!

I’ve got news for you. We ALL got a little Crazy.

It just depends on how it shows up. If it fosters negative, destructive behavior and thoughts or is toxic, then you’re not just cut from your own cloth. Honestly, it’s time to cry, uncle!

Otherwise, Crazy is a good quality to have. Personally, I’d rather be Crazy than accept the alternative—a meaningless, shallow, predictable existence.

In fact, it was during a time while I was in a state of total delirium that Crazy inspired me to walk away from a corporate career that I had come to abhor to embrace my passion, purpose, and power.

I don’t think I would have had the courage to walk away if I hadn’t tapped into my lunacy.

Crazy led me to stand for something. Though my something often pissed people off. The fact that I had the audacity to do different didn’t fall kindly on society’s perspective about what I was supposed to do.

It baffles me that people are eager to judge when one doesn’t fit the quintessential mold. As a disenfranchised culture, we readily throw good Crazy under the bus like it’s a raw piece of road kill while we sensationalize bad Crazy.

Case and point: Let a mass murder take place, a presidential defacement, or an O.J. chase on the highway; we stand in line to drink it up like a cool glass of water. But let someone tell their family and friends that they want to give their mind-numbing job the middle finger and you have mass pandemonium! They’ll lock you up in an asylum and throw away the key so fast it’ll make your head spin!

Good Crazy means you just don’t fit society’s mold. You don’t behave or believe like the masses. You are who you want to be; not who others think you ought to be.

Bottom line: It takes courage to be Crazy.

Without Crazy, you run the risk of being that square peg in a square hole. Every size and shape is sculpted so dang precisely you have to do a pulse check to see if you’re still breathing. I know this because there were many days I had to press my finger against my own wrist.

Then Crazy showed up and showed me who I really am, enlivened my spirit, reignited the fire in my belly. Now I got a whole lotta fire!

How about you? Are you ripe for Crazy? Let’s take the Crazy quiz and find out.

If you answered mostly No then you may be more Crazy than you thought. But if you answered Yes to 4 out of 7, then you need to throw up your hands, say to hell with what people think and . . .

Do Crazy!

XO… Stay inspired!

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